A Message From The President

Greetings Brothers and Guests,

Eta Omicron Lambda, the chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Inc, welcomes you! The Alphas of Rock Hill continue to be mission focused, lighting the way in our Rock Hill, Chester, and Lancaster communities, providing service and advocacy. We engage citizens by the signature programs of our Fraternity. Project Alpha and Alpha Academy are geared towards our middle school and high school students. A voteless people is a hopeless people provides access to candidates by political forums and to register voters. We also partner with March of Dimes, volunteer at Mount Prospect Baptist Church’s food pantry, and hold blood drives, among other activities.

We do work hard, but we also believe in getting together with the people of our community through social engagements. If you are a new Brother to the area or are looking to reactivate please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to continuing our great legacy.


Bro. Whitney Cain
President: Eta Omicron Lambda Chapter
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated
Alpha Rho Chapter Fall ’88